Web Shiled

Web Shield is a comprehensive Web-based application to display and manage data compiled from SCI's fleet and fuel management products. With WebShield, fleet managers have a wide variety of information at their fingertips for real-time vehicle tracking, asset management, and driver monitoring.
WebShield processes this information to compile extensive, user-defined reports, and to provide fleet and fuel resource managers with a comprehensive set of fleet management tools.


• Set company specific parameters
• Manage vehicles and drivers individually, by
project, or by department
• Fuel pump management
• Integrated, fleet-wide trip and refuel records
• Supports all offline and online SCI
products including Mile Shield, and FuelShield
in a single interface


• Integrated communications server receives, processes, and transmits data between on board fleet management products, fuel pumps, RF stations, and the main WebShield databases
• Uses GSM and GPRS for SCI's online products
• Supports more than 15,000 online vehicles on each ASP site
• Supports TCP/IP
• Mapping
• Supports Google Maps and Open Street Maps
• Built-in advanced ArcIMS map engine supports vector and scanned maps from all map vendors
• Map tools for zoom, pan, address search, add customer POI, map layers, job assignments, etc.
• Online tracking with full map support
• Enter/leave predefined regions with online alerts
• Offline map-based reports to view trip history, with on-map trip replay
• Fully integrated trip report/map engine
• Reports
• Generate more than 100 reports based on predefined parameters and fleet usage.
• Fleet management by exception
• User predefined reports to receive by e-mail
• Integration with external peripheral software
• Supports SMS and Web alerts

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