Track Shield


Track Shield allows you to track your driving activities and the serviceability of your vehicles. Increase profitability by decreasing the unnecessary wear and tear on your fleet vehicles.
A key benefit of Track Shield is that it offers Track Shields the opportunity to objectively evaluate driver performance - on every trip - based upon a consistent set of pre-defined scoring criteria. Drivers will know what success [ looks like in terms of good performance and Track Shields will know how to identify their highest performing drivers.
Track Shield works with you to identify the key criteria that will define optimal driving performance and behavior for your fleet and business needs. Once the key criteria are identified, performance parameters are established by criteria and a mathematical algorithm is then created and stored in the reporting software to score each driver's performance during each drive session.
Track Shields now have an objective way of evaluating and tracking their drivers' performance and behavior out in the field. This tool has been effective in reducing fleet costs by 12% to up to 30% for its customers

Offline Data Logging

Allows you to monitor practically all of your driving activities and the serviceability of your vehicle. Increase profitability by decreasing the unnecessary wear and tear on your fleet. Provides users with vehicle service alerts, monitors driver speed at three levels, and records special events.

Offline GPS

Provides you with all the advantages of the Offline Data Logging system, with the addition of GPS functionality. With Track Shield's offline GPS system you will always have the assurance of knowing where your fleet has been and who they visited.
Online GPS, AVL and Mobile Productivity
Provides you with a total solution. This has all of the features and functionality of the Offline Data Logging and Offline GPS systems PLUS continuous online communication, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and the ability to increase your workforce's productivity. Workforce productivity is optimized by integrating automated business functions from headquarters into the vehicle using a PDA to display the information.

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