Mile shield


Mile Shield works in conjunction with all SCI fuel management products. When the vehicle is in the yard, whether refueling or just parked, it is in the hands of the fleet manager to acquire the fleet miles. Mile Shield will further transmit vehicle miles and/or hours with no user intervention. The vehicle miles and hours can easily be shared with third-party accounting and maintenance software. Vehicle odometer and hours reflects and signals the maintenance and other mechanical aspects to be checked and maintained in the vehicle life.
Preventive maintenance such as changing oil / oil filters and tires does save on fleet operation and provides better customer service. In addition, knowing the vehicle miles and hours reading while refueling provides mileage per gallon calculation and thus presents a complete overview of your fleet’s main expenses: fuel and tires.

How it works

The unit is installed inside the vehicle and is connected to the pulsar cable of the engine’s OBC (on board computer). The battery powered unit is also connected to an RF Antenna. The Mile Shield is programmed with the vehicle ID number, date, time and other information.
The data that is downloaded from the Mile Shield is processed at the Mile Shield data ba

se software. From the Mile Shield data base software it can be exported to the fleet maintenance software, using the export wizard. If mileage per gallon calculations are required, reports would only be generated by the Win Fuel Log data base software, and only if Fuel Shield system is installed in the office PC or network.

Technical Data:

  1.  7.5 VDC to 40V with standby current 20MA

  2.  Each Internal backup battery get 10 years data retention.
  3.  Enclosure dimensions: 5” x 3.5” x 2.25”
  4.  Splash proof, sealed enclosure


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