Fuel Shield

Fuel Shield is an independent fuel pump control system to manage private and internal fuel stations and tankers. With Fuel Shield, fleet managers can effectively track fuel dispensing and fuel consumption. Based on locally available vehicle and driver identification data, this computerized system controls the refueling of vehicles via GPRS, GSM, Wi-Fi, RF or LAN communications.
Fuel Shield systems offer two refueling scenarios based on the order of driver and vehicle identification. Available options include manually recording odometer, engine hour and project number. It is also possible to automatically record odometer and engine hour data using SCI's Mile Shield device. Additional options include fuel depot delivery and management.
The Fuel Shield is available in two models, Fuel Shield 2005, for single nozzle control, or Fuel Shield 2010 to simultaneously control up to two nozzles. Each model fully supports Fuel Shield peripherals, including a numeric key pad, card reader, and Dallas iButton.
Fuel Shield seamlessly integrates with additional SCI software and hardware products to improve fleet performance and reduce down time through accurate preventive maintenance.

Overall Features

• Cut fuel consumption by up to 25%
• Unattended, secure access to fuel supply
• Guarantee that fuel is dispensed only to authorized vehicles and drivers
• Automatically record and reconcile fuel consumption Supported Input Devices
• Numeric keypad
• Magnetic card reader
• Dallas iButton Remote Access Features
• Full diagnostic evaluations
• Modification and support Accessories
• Backup battery to maintain configuration and transaction data

Logged Data

• Tracks mileage and fuel consumption
• Records fuel type, pump number and description and much more
• Multiple vehicle ID options
• Multi-download options include GPRS, GSM, Wi-Fi, or RF Hardware Features
• Durable construction meets petroleum products environment specifications
• Easy to use, install and expand Seamless Software Integration
• Integrates with SCI's Mile Shield software to provide customer ID, vehicle ID, operating time counter, odometer, fuel ID tag, battery voltage indication and date
• Locally installed WebShield Management Software provides a complete fuel management package
• Web-based application to display and manage data compiled from SCI's fleet and fuel management products

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