Air Shield has been developed specifically to meet the challenge of monitoring commercial and specialty vehicles tires.
The sensors installed on the rim inside each tire measures air pressure and temperature every 4 seconds. These values are sent by radio frequency signal to the cab display directly via a transceiver.
The display identifies the sensor, evaluates the data, then shows the position, air pressure &temperature and gives warnings when it detects any problem.


  1. Checks both air pressure & temperature.
  2. Monitors 24 hours a day;

  3. Long lasting battery life --- 5-7 years;
  4. Immediate warning for high/low pressure, air leakage & high temperature.
  5. Internally installed sensors, will not knock-off
  6. Easy management – monitor all tires in real time.


• Proactive Tire Management
• Increase Fuel Savings & Safety
• Reduce Road Calls
• Increase Tire Life
• Continuous Monitoring
• Decrease Carbon Emissions
• Reduced Maintenance Costs and Time


• Tires 10% low on pressure use 2% to 3% more fuel
• Roadside tire repair costs average over $500 (plus replacement tire)
• Tires 10% low on pressure wear tires 9% to 12% faster
• Tires running just 13% low on pressure begin to break down the tires casing
• Properly inflated tires result in less overheating and fewer blowouts
• Low tire pressure increases breaking distance and affects steering and handling
• 76% of all roadside repair calls involve tires, and over 83% of the time the problem is low tire pressure


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